Welcome to Thao's little corner on Neocities! This website is, if you couldn't tell, still a WIP. You're welcome to talk to me on tumblr @ terrorcorez in the meantime.

This is a multipurpose site for my personal stuff. Some stuff won't be linked in the navigation as it's for other socials/personal stuff only, others will be available for everyone to see. In the end, this is also just a little place for me to mess around with web designs, layouts, etc!

June 27 2022 Update:

Patched up the home page + added an about section. Doing an entire recode using DOKODEMO's browser sizing tip, dunno when that'll be done

May 25th 2022 Update:

Finally polished the site up enough to add code

構わないで 離れていて kamawanaide naide hanarete ite Don’t, don’t worry about me. Just let me go. 軋轢にきゅっと目をつむって atsureki ni kyutto me o tsumutte Shut your eyes tight against the discord between us. 報わないで 話をして mukuwanaide naide hanashi o shite Don’t, don’t reward me. Just talk to me. 窓越しにじっと目を合わせて madogoshi ni jitto me o awasete Hold eye contact with me through the window.